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"Where the origination and production of the work is entirely within the control of the individual artist, often undertaking the work personally. Challenging perceived stereotypes, many contemporary artistsí books transform concepts of form and contents. Utilizing any of the above forms and others not, or yet to be, described, it has become a medium as distinct as painting, printmaking or sculpture. Beginning with the books of William Blake and Goya, and developed through the works of John Hearfteild, Asger Jorn, Rodchenko, Anselm Kiefer, John Latham, Dieter Rot, Ian Hamilton-Finlay and many others. Examples of new forms include books that cannot be opened, books that do not exist, books that have been in some way transformed and their residue preserved, books made of non-traditional materials, stone, led, glass, virtual books."

Peter Dover & Michael Lumb: Information is power (Printmaking today, Autumn, 1999, vol. 8 : 3)